Maintenance Recommendations

  • Never run the pump dry because the water/liquid keeps the motor cool
  • Running the pump dry may overheat and burn the motor and will void any warranty
  • Keep the pump dry when not in use, drip dry is fine
  • Keep the pump handle section dry to avoid potentially dangerous shock:
    • If you need to run the pump in the rain or snow, cover the handle and battery with a waterproof covering such as a plastic bag to keep it dry
    • If you need to run the pump deep into the water, keep the handle section above the water level

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If pump does not turn on:
    • Check battery by using it on another tool
    • remove pump filter and check for pebbles or small objects in the impeller
    • use a pencil size stick and gently move the impeller in both directions to loosen any lodged pebbles, careful not to break the impeller blades
  • If pump is free of pebbles, then you may need to send your pump in for motor replacement or repairs.
  • See Terms and Conditions to determine if your order is covered by warranty. If you determine it is covered, then follow the instructions to send your pump in for repairs.
  • If your pump is no longer covered by the warranty, then you can order repair services and send in your pump for repairs here:
  • Please feel free to contact our Customer Support for any questions. We are glad to walk you through the troubleshooting tips and help with steps for repairs/replacement.